Other reason

You have 3 years to integrate. Can’t you make it in time? First read Overview to check if you can ask for extra time.

Do none of the situations apply to you? But is there an other reason why you have not finished in time? Then you can still ask for extra time.

Your integration period ends within 6 months

  1. Write a letter to DUO. Include:
    • your BSN
    • your name
    • your address
    • your date of birth
    • your signature
    • why you need extra time.
  2. Include any supporting documents you have.
  3. Send the letter and the documents to DUO by post.
  4. DUO decides if you get extra time.

Your integration period has ended

  1. When your integration period ends, you get a letter from DUO. The letter tells you that you have not integrated in time. You may also have to pay a fine.
  2. Is your fine € 340 or more? Then the letter from DUO includes a form. You can use this form to ask for a hearing ('hoorzitting') with DUO. A hearing is a telephone conversation. Complete this form and send it to DUO by post.
  3. In the telephone conversation you can explain why you have not yet completed your integration.
  4. DUO decides if you get extra time.