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Your user name and password are strictly personal. Protect your user name and password well and make sure that nobody else can use your user name and password.

What is Mijn Inburgering?

Mijn Inburgering is an online space for people who are integrating. You can organise many things online in Mijn Inburgering, such as:

  • viewing and changing personal data
  • applying for a loan
  • viewing the amount of your loan
  • seeing which exams you need to take
  • registering for an exam
  • viewing exam results
  • doing assignments for the Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market exam
How to login

Do you want to log in to Mijn Inburgering? Then you need a DigiD with text-message check, or the DigiD app. You can request these at digid.nl.

On the DigiD login screen you can choose if you want to login using the app or your DigiD.

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More information

Want more information? Watch the short film about DigiD.