Followed a literacy course

You have 3 years to integrate. Did you have to learn to read and write first? And did you follow a literacy course? Then you often get more time.

Letter from DUO

After the literacy course you will usually get a letter from DUO, saying that you get extra time. And how much. You will never get more than 2 extra years for learning how to read and write.

No letter

Is it already 8 weeks after your literacy course? And have you still not received a letter from DUO? Then apply for the extra time yourself. Even if your school is not on the Blik op Werk list Link opent externe pagina .

  1. Complete the form ‘Aanvraag verlenging bij alfabetisering’ (Application for literacy extension).
  2. Ask the school to complete the proof of enrolment.
  3. Send the form and the proof of enrolment to DUO.
  4. DUO decides if you get extra time. We will let you know within 8 weeks.

Did you already get extra time to integrate? You can’t ask for extra time twice for the same period.