Death of a family member

Did your partner, child, father or mother die while you were required to integrate? And are you unable to integrate in time because of this? Then you can ask for 3 extra months to integrate.


  • Your partner, child, father, or mother died during your integration period.
  • You have a Dutch death certificate. Or a foreign death certificate, translated into Dutch by a sworn translator.
  • Your integration period started at least 2.5 years ago.

Did you already get extra time to integrate? You can’t ask for extra time twice for the same period.


  1. Fill out the form ‘Aanvraag verlenging inburgeringstermijn bij overlijden’ (Application for extension of the integration period in case of a death).
  2. Send the form with the death certificate to DUO. If it is a foreign death certificate, send the translation too.
  3. DUO decides if you get extra time to integrate. We will let you know within 8 weeks.