Choosing a course


You can take different courses:

  • Dutch as a Second Language course (NT2 course)
  • integration course
  • literacy course

Do you want to study after your integration? Or are you going to look for work? Then you need to learn Dutch as well as possible. The school can help you make your choice.

Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) course

You learn Dutch at the highest level during a Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) course. There are 2 levels to choose from: programme 1 and programme 2. Both programmes can be used to integrate. After the course, you will take the NT2 state exam.

  • Did you have to begin integration before 2015? Then you only need to pass the NT2 state exam, after which you are officially integrated.
  • Did you have to begin integration after 1 January 2015? Then you have to pass 2 extra exams: Knowledge of Dutch Society and Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (ONA). Only after passing these are you officially integrated.
  • Did you have to begin integration from 1 October 2017 or later? Then you also need to sign the participation statement. When you've passed all exams and signed the participation statement, you will get your integration diploma. Only then you are officially integrated.

Don't you remember when you had to begin your integration? If so, check Mijn Inburgering.

Integration course

You will learn Dutch in the integration course, but not as well as during an NT2 course. You will also learn about living and working in the Netherlands. After following this course, you can take the integration exam. If you pass the integration exam, you are officially integrated.

Literacy course

Only if you can’t read or write, you choose a literacy course. There you will learn to read and write. And you will learn Dutch as well. After this, you still need to take the integration course. And pass the integration exam. Only then are you officially integrated.