You have 3 years to integrate. Have you not finished in time? Then you must pay a fine, which cannot be higher than €1,250. You are then given 2 more years to get your integration diploma. On top of that, you may be fined for not signing the participation statement in time.

Amount of the fine

The amount of the fine depends on:

  • the number of exams you have passed
  • the number of times you have taken the other exams. You can combine attempts at the integration exam and the Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) exam.
  • the number of hours of an integration course you have completed. You can combine hours of an integration course and hours of a NT2-course.
Only an integration course with a school carrying the Blik op Werk trademark counts. Check the amount of the fine in the chart.

Number of hours you completed of an integration course
Number of times you have failed an exam
Never failed exam
Failed exam once
Failed exam twice
Fewer than 150 € 1250 € 1000 € 750
150 to 300
€ 875 € 625 € 375
300 or more
€ 500 € 250 No fine

Did you complete 150 hours or more of an integration course? And did you not yet inform DUO of this? If so, send DUO the  ‘Verklaring deelname inburgeringscursus’ form. You received this form with the letter called ‘vooraankondiging termijnoverschrijding’. Ask your school to complete the form, then send it to DUO.