You have 3 years to complete your civic integration. If you take longer than that, you will have to pay a fine.

How does the fine work?

  • DUO will send you a letter. The title of the letter will be: ‘Vooraankondiging termijnoverschrijding’. The letter will state that you are late in completing the process of civic integration. It will also tell you how much the fine will be if you fail to act.
  • The letter will tell you what you can do. If you do not respond to the letter, you will be sent a second letter. This letter will tell you how much the fine is and how you should pay it.
  • After the fine, you will have 2 extra years in which to obtain your civic integration diploma.
  • Are you an asylum migrant (refugee)? And did you receive a fine? Then you need to pay back the loan.
I have done at least 150 course hours, but DUO is not aware of it

Have you already done 150 or more course hours and not yet told DUO about it? If so, submit the 'Verklaring deelname cursus' form. This letter was sent to you together with the 'Vooraankondiging termijnoverschrijding’ letter. The form should be completed by your school. Send the form to DUO.

I need extra time for my civic integration

Sometimes, you may be given additional time, for example if you are ill. Go to No exam or extra time to find out what you should do.

How does DUO calculate your fine?

The more effort you have made, the lower the fine will be.

  1. DUO looks at the number of course hours you have completed (civic integration course + NT2). The course only counts if the school has Blik op Werk Keurmerk certification.
  2. DUO looks at how often you have tried to pass all examination components.
  3. DUO looks at how many examination components you have passed. The exams only count if you took them at DUO.

Table Course hours and examination components

The table shows how steps 1 and 2 determine the level of the fine.

Example: Have you completed 200 course hours, but not done all examination components? In that case, the fine will be € 875.

Your situation Fewer than 150 course hours 150 to 300 course hours 300 or more course hours
Not completed all examination components € 1,250 € 875 € 500
Completed all unsuccessful examination components once € 1,000 € 625 € 250
Completed all unsuccessful examination components at least twice € 750 € 375 € 0

Table Reducing the fine

The table shows you how step 3 works. Your fine will be lower if you have passed one or more examination components.

Example: Your fine was € 625. You have passed 3 examination components: Listening, Reading and Writing. In that case, the fine will be 60% lower. That means the fine will be € 250.

Number of examination components passed Reduction
1 20%
2 40%
3 60%
4 80%

Participation statement fine

If you are late in completing the participation statement process, you will be fined € 340. You will also no longer be able to borrow money from DUO.