Which exams

You need to take these exams for your integration:

Taking fewer or no exams

You received a letter from DUO, telling you from what date onwards you have to integrate. You can always check this date in Mijn Inburgering.

  • Did you have to start integration between 1 January 2015 and 1 October 2017? Then you don't have to sign the participation statement.
  • Did you have to start integration before 1 January 2015? Then you don't have to sign the participation statement. You also don't have to take the ONA exam. Do you have a NT2 diploma (Dutch as a second language)? If so, you have completed your integration.

NT2 certificate

Do you have an NT2 certificate for Speaking, Reading, Listening or Writing? Then you no longer have to take the exam stated on the certificate. You will find more information about the content of the NT2 exam on staatsexamensnt2.nl.On duo.nl (Dutch only) you’ll read how the NT2 exam works.

You have a Dutch diploma

Have you gained a diploma in the Netherlands? Then maybe you don’t have to integrate. This is called an exemption.


Taking an exam

This video is about the integration exam. If you have completed an integration course or wish to naturalise, you must register for the integration exam.

This video shows you the available exams. It also shows you how you will take the exam. What is the integration exam?

The integration exam consists of several exams.

The exams are:

  • Kennis Nederlandse Maatschappij (Knowledge of Dutch Society)
  • Speaking Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market

Knowledge of Dutch Society: You will get questions about the Netherlands. For example, about searching for a job or renting a house or about schools in the Netherlands.

Speaking, Reading and Listening skills: You will take the Speaking, Reading and Listening skills exams using a computer. You will show that you can speak, read and understand the Dutch language.

Writing: You do this exam on paper. You will show that you can write the Dutch language.

Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market: Do you have to integrate after 1 January 2015? In this case, you must also take the Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market exam. You fill in result cards and collect proof about working in the Netherlands. After you fill out the result cards, you apply for an appointment at DUO.

If you pass all 4 exams, you will receive the integration diploma.