Ill or handicapped

Can't you integrate on time, due to an illness or handicap? Sometimes you can get extra time. Or you don't have to integrate at all.

Ill for longer than 3 months

Were you ill for more than 3 months? Or was your partner or a family member ill for more than 3 months? And were you unable to integrate in time because of this? If so, you may get extra time to pass your integration exams. You can't apply for extra time until 2 and a half years after the start of your integration period.

Applying for extra time
  1. Complete the form ‘Machtiging opvragen gezondheidsgegevens’ (Authorisation to access health information). Enter the details of a Dutch doctor.
  2. Send the form to DUO.
  3. DUO will ask the doctor to provide information about the illness.
  4. DUO then decides if you will be given extra time.

Unable to take exams

Are you very ill? Or do you have a handicap? And are you completely unable to take the integration exams because of this? Then you can apply for a dispensation. This means that you don’t need to take any integration exams.

Apply for a dispensation
  1. Go to where you’ll find the ‘Aanvraagformulier Argonaut Advies’ (Application Form for Argonaut Recommendation). Complete this form and send it to Argonaut.
  2. You will have to pay Argonaut for the examination. Have you paid? Then you will be examined by an Argonaut doctor.
  3. The Argonaut doctor writes a letter in which he says whether you can integrate or not.
  4. Complete the DUO form ‘Aanvraag ontheffing bij ziekte’ (Application for dispensation because of illness). Send the form to DUO, together with the letter from the doctor from Argonaut.
  5. DUO will decide whether you are granted a dispensation.