Other reason

Did you start your integration before 1 January 2022? Then this page is not for you.

Can’t you manage to integrate? But is your situation not mentioned on the website? If you started your integration on 1 January 2022 or after, there is one more option. You can ask for a full exemption because of special personal circumstances (BIO). A full exemption means you do not have to continue your integration.

Before applying

If you started your integration before 1 January 2022, you cannot apply for an exemption because of special personal circumstances (BIO). This is what you can do:


Don’t you meet the conditions for other exemptions, dispensation for medical reasons, or extra time? And the municipality cannot help you? Then you can apply for the exemption.The Minister of Social Affairs and Employment will then check whether you will receive an exemption.

  1. Ask the municipality for an advice about your integration.
  2. Write a letter. Explain in the letter as clearly as possible:
    • why you cannot integrate
    • what will happen if you are still required to integrate
    • what you have already done to integrate. For instance how many hours you have gone to school and how many exams you have taken.
  3. You need to include the following papers:
    • the municipality’s advice about your integration
    • if your application concerns your health: a medical authorisation
    • all letters and emails about the intake and conversations with the municipality
    • a statement from the school or the municipality, stating how many hours of a course you attended
    • a list of the exams you have taken.
  4. Send the letter and other papers to:

    Ministerie van SZW/Directie S&I
    Afdeling Inburgering beschikkingen
    Postbus 90801
    2509 LV De Haag

  5. The Minister decides if you get an exemption.