Ill or handicapped

Is it difficult for you to take the integration exam because you are ill? Or handicapped? Then DUO can adjust the exam for you, for instance with a large screen and large letters. This is called an exam adjustment.

Requesting an adjusted integration exam

  1. Go to Link opent externe pagina where you’ll find the ‘Aanvraagformulier Argonaut Advies’ (Application Form for Argonaut Recommendation). Complete this form and send it to Argonaut.
  2. You will then be examined by a doctor from Argonaut. This examination costs money, which you pay to Argonaut.
  3. The Argonaut doctor writes a letter stating whether or not you need an adjusted exam.
  4. Complete the form ‘Aanmelding inburgeringsexamen’ (Registration for integration exam) provided by DUO. Send the form to DUO, together with the letter from the doctor.
  5. DUO decides whether you are given an adjusted exam.

Does Mijn Inburgering say 'U hebt recht op een aangepast examen' (‘You are entitled to an exam adjustment’)? This means you only have to fill out the ‘Aanmelding inburgeringsexamen’ form. DUO already received the letter from the doctor.

More time or not taking the exam at all

You are given 3 years to integrate. Do you need more time because of your illness or handicap? Or are you unable to take the exam at all? Then go to No exam or more time and read what you need to do if you are ill or handicapped.

Adjusted exam Nt2

Do you want to take the Dutch as a sencond language (Nt2) exam? And are you handicapped? Sometimes the Nt2 exam can be adjusted.