Are you new to the Netherlands? Usually, this means that you need to integrate. Learning Dutch is part of the integration process. In addition, you need to learn about living and working in the Netherlands. After this, you usually take an exam.

Starting your integration

If you are required to integrate, DUO will send you a letter stating the date you start your integration. 

Do you no longer have the letter? In Mijn Inburgering you can see the date you started your integration.

Sometimes you will first receive a letter that you must integrate. And only later a letter when you have to start civic integration.

Started integrating on 1 January 2022 or after

Did you start your integration on 1 January 2022 or after? If so, the municipality will invite you for an interview. You will also do a test in order to find out what you already know: the 'Leerbaarheidstoets' (LBT). The municipality will make an appointment with you for the test. We call the interview and the test the 'broad intake'.

After the 'broad intake', the municipality will make a plan with you: the personal integration and participation plan (PIP). This plan says what you need to do to integrate. It also says if you need to take an exam. And which exam.

If you would like to know more, please watch the video "Inburgeren in 2022" Link opent externe pagina (English spoken). The video is also available in Dutch Link opent externe pagina , Spanish Link opent externe pagina , Farsi Link opent externe pagina , Tigrinya Link opent externe pagina , Somalian Link opent externe pagina , Arabic Link opent externe pagina , Dari Link opent externe pagina en Pashto Link opent externe pagina .

Before 2013

Did you start your integration before 1 January 2013? If so, this website is not for you. Contact the municipality and ask them what you need to do.

Started integrating between 1 January 2013 and 1 January 2022

Did you start your integration between 1 January 2013 en 1 January 2022? If so, you need to take the integration exam. You can study on your own for the exam. But you can also choose to take a course at a school.

3 years to integrate

You have 3 years to integrate. This is called the integration period.

Voluntary integration

You can also integrate on a voluntary basis. This means that there is no obligation but you want to integrate anyway. For instance in order to naturalise or apply for a stronger residence permit.

Step-by-step plan

The route you have to follow to integrate depends on your situation. View all steps of your integration.