You get the exam results within 8 weeks.

Extra time

  • Have you had to wait longer than 8 weeks for an examination result?
  • And did you register for the examination more than 6 weeks before the end of your civic integration period?

If so, you are entitled to extra time to complete your civic integration.

What do you need to do?

You do not need to do anything. If you have been given extra time, DUO will send you a letter informing you of this. The letter will state how much extra time you have been given. You still need to continue with your civic integration.

Did you get extra time? But did you wait longer than the extra time you received? If so, let DUO know. DUO will decide if you got enough extra time.

Mijn Inburgering or letter

You will get the results of the exams by letter. Alternatively, you can also see the results in Mijn Inburgering.

Passed all exams

Have you passed all the exams? In this case, you will receive a letter, telling you where you can pick up your diploma and on what date. Are you unable to pick up the diploma on this day? Then you can also pick up your integration diploma later. You can't pick up your diploma any earlier. Select an exam location and see when you can pick up your diploma.

Not passed all exams

Have you not passed all exams? Then you can take the exams again. You will also have to pay again.

Results NT2

Did you take the Dutch as a Second Language State exam (NT2)? If have have separate certificates, you need to exchange those for a diploma. Read about the results for the NT2-exam.