Registering for the integration exam

3 ways to register

There are 3 ways to register for the integration exam:

  • Online, in Mijn Inburgering
  • Through the school
  • With a form

Mijn Inburgering is an online portal for people who integrate. You will need a DigiD with text message check to log in.

Registering in Mijn Inburgering

  1. Log in to Mijn Inburgering in order to register for the exams.
  2. In Mijn Inburgering you select:
  • the date of the exam
  • the location of the exam

In Mijn Inburgering you can see where you can take exams. You can also change the date, or the location. You can also cancel the exam in Mijn Inburgering.

Registering through the school

Maybe your school can register you for the exam. Ask the school. However, the school can’t register you for the Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market exam.

Registering with a form

Having trouble registering in Mijn Inburgering? Then register for the exam with a form.

  1. Do you want to take an exam in Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading or Knowledge of Dutch Society? Then complete the form ‘Aanmelding inburgeringsexamen’ (Registration for integration exam). Then send the form to DUO.
  2. Do you want to take the Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market exam? Then submit the form ‘Aanmelding Oriëntatie op de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt’ (Registration for Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market). Send your portfolio together with the form.
  3. Have you paid? Then you will receive a letter, stating the date and the location of your exam. DUO may possibly schedule you at another location than the one you prefer. In this case, you will have to travel further.

Living abroad

Do you live abroad and do you want to take an exam in the Netherlands? Then use one of these forms.

You can also take the integration exam abroad, at Dutch embassies or consulates. Do you want to do this? Then call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the telephone number is +31 70 2140214.

Do you want to naturalise from abroad? And did you obtain your integration diploma in the Netherlands? If so, go to the Dutch embassy or consulate and bring your diploma. You can apply for naturalisation there. You’ll find the addresses of embassies and consulates on

When is the exam?

Are you registering in Mijn inburgering? If so, you can see the date of the exam in Mijn inburgering. Also, a week before the exam you will get a letter from DUO stating the date, time and place of the exam. If the school registers you for the exam, you will get this letter 2 weeks before the exam. The school can also tell you when the exam will take place. If you used a form to register, you will get the letter within 3 weeks after paying for the exam.

Rules for the exams

After registering for an exam you will receive a letter, which tells you what you need to bring to the exam. This letter also sets out the most important rules for the exam. Would you like to know all the rules? All the rules are listed in the ‘examenreglement’ (exam regulations).