Paying for your course with a loan

Do you want to pay for your course with your loan? Read what to do if you received a digital bill in Mijn Inburgering. And what to do with a bill on paper.

Bill in Mijn Inburgering

  1. The school sends the bill to DUO. A bill is a letter stating how much money you need to pay.
  2. You will receive an e-mail saying that there’s a bill for you in Mijn Inburgering. Mijn Inburgering is an online portal for people who integrate.
  3. You log in to Mijn Inburgering. You will need a DigiD with text message check. Link opent externe pagina
  4. You check whether the bill is correct.
  5. Is the bill correct? Then select ‘accepteren’ (accept). DUO then pays the money to the school.
  6. Is the bill not correct? Then select ‘weigeren’ (reject). Also select the option saying why the bill is not correct, for instance because the amount is wrong. In this case, DUO will not pay any money to the school.

Bill on paper

Have you received a bill on paper from the school? Then send the bill to DUO by post.

  1. Put your Citizen Service Number (BSN) and your signature on the bill.
  2. Send the original bill to DUO. Don’t send a copy of the bill. The address is:

    Servicecentrum Inburgering
    Postbus 764
    9700 AT Groningen
  3. Make sure that the school also sends DUO the bill digitally, or you won't be able to pay for the course with your loan.

Maximum € 2000 per quarter

You can pay a maximum of € 2000 from your loan to a school per quarter. Are you taking courses at more than 1 school at the same time? From January 1, 2021 DUO will add up all the invoices from the schools. The total amount may not exceed € 2000 per quarter. Do all the invoices add up to more than € 2000? DUO will then not be able to pay all invoices.

Approving bills

DUO changed the rules for schools sending bills. The school can only send DUO a bill afterwards. Because of this, your school may ask you more often to sign a bill or to accept one in Mijn Inburgering.

Finished integration

Have you finished your integration course? And do you still have unpaid bills? Send the bills to DUO within 4 months. If you send them any later, we won't be able to pay the bills out of your loan.