Paying back a loan

When you have to pay back your loan, you will get a letter. The letter states how much you need to pay back.

No need to pay back

Are you an asylum migrant (refugee)? Or is your partner, parent or child an asylum migrant? Then you won't have to pay back the loan if one of these situations applies:

  • You obtain your diploma in time.
  • You are awarded a full dispensation in time.
  • You are awarded a full exemption in time.

10 years to pay back your loan

Have you finished your integration course? Then 6 months after this, you will start paying back your loan. You will receive a letter about this from DUO. You don’t have to pay the loan back all at once: you have 10 years to pay it back. You repay your loan in monthly instalments. This means that DUO collects money from your bank account each month.


Do you have to pay back your loan? Then you usually also pay interest on this amount. The interest rate will stay the same for 5 years. Check Mijn Inburgering to see what interest rate applies to your loan.

Incorrect bank account number

Does DUO not have your correct bank account number (IBAN)? In this case:

  1. Write a letter to DUO telling them your correct IBAN account number.
  2. Also state your Citizen Service Number (BSN) and sign the letter.
  3. Send the letter to:
    Servicecentrum Inburgering
    Postbus 764
    9700 AT Groningen

Paying back more

You can pay back your entire loan at once. Or you can start repayments earlier, or pay extra. In this case:

  1. Transfer the money yourself to DUO. DUO’s IBAN account number is NL74 INGB 0705 0034 18.
  2. When making this payment, add the words ‘terugbetalen lening’ (loan repayment) and your Citizen Service Number (BSN) in the space provided.

Paying less

Do you want to pay less per month? Sometimes you can. For instance, if you have lost your job. Or if you are suddenly making less money. This is what you need to do:

  1. Complete the form ‘Verzoek verlagen maandbedrag’ (Request for reduction of monthly amount).
  2. Read the form to find out which papers you need to send. These are the supporting documents.
  3. Send the form together with the supporting documents.
  4. DUO then decides whether you can pay less each month. You will get a letter telling you the decision.

Can you pay less per month? This will last up to (but not including) next January. For next year, DUO will decide again if you can pay less.

Are you moving abroad?

You must provide DUO with your foreign address yourself. Use the form: 'Doorgeven buitenlands adres'.