How much does integration cost?

Integration costs money. You can pay for the course and the exam yourself. Often you can also borrow money from DUO for this. But only for approved schools Link opent externe pagina .

How much does the course cost?

The cost of integration courses varies from school to school. Ask the school how much they charge for the course.

How much does the integration exam cost?

The following table gives the prices for the exams.

Exam Cost
Writing € 50
Speaking € 60
Listening € 50
Reading € 50
Knowledge of Dutch Society € 40
Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market € 40
Total € 290

Participation statement

The participation statement is free of charge for asylum migrants (refugees). Other people in the integration process have to pay €150 for the participation statement. You pay the money for the participation statement to the municipality (the municipality is the city or town where you live).

Child care

Sometimes you can get money from the Belastingdienst (Tax and Customs Administration) to pay for childcare. This is called ‘kinderopvangtoeslag’ (child care allowance). You must meet these 3 conditions:

You can apply for ‘kinderopvangtoeslag’ at the Belastingdienst Link opent externe pagina . After you have applied, the Belastingdienst will request information from DUO about the course you are taking. Often, DUO will receive this information from your school. If you want to provide this information to DUO yourself, please use this form (in Dutch).

Travel expenses

Did you choose a course outside your home town? Some municipalities will pay for your travel expenses, but not all. Ask the city or town you live in.