Dutch diploma or Dutch education programme

Dutch diploma

Have you already gained a diploma in the Netherlands? Or a diploma in Belgium or Suriname in the Dutch language? Then maybe you don’t need to go through the integration process at all. This is called a full exemption. Or you don’t have to take all the integration exams. This is called a partial exemption.

Which diplomas and programmes

A diploma from these programmes may get you a full exemption:

  • vmbo
  • havo
  • vwo
  • mbo level 2 or higher
  • hbo, if the programme was in Dutch
  • wo, if the programme was in Dutch

Were you already obliged to integrate before 1 January 2015? Then you may also get a full exemption for a diploma from these programmes:

  • NT2 State exam
  • mbo level 1

A diploma or certificate from these programmes may get you a partial exemption:

  • NT2 State exam (if you were obliged to integrate from 1 January 2015 or later)
  • spoken Dutch exam (TGN) as part of the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad (only if you took the exam before 1 November 2014 and obtained at least 37 points)

Education programme in the Netherlands

Are you attending a training or education programme in the Netherlands? In this case, you sometimes don’t need to integrate for now, but you will have to later. This is called a temporary exemption. You need to meet the following conditions:

  • The programme entitles you to a full exemption if you obtain the diploma.
  • You started the programme before or on your 18th birthday.

Applying for an exemption

  1. Complete the form ‘Aanvraag vrijstelling’ (Application for exemption).
  2. The form states the conditions, and which documents you need to send with it. Send the form and the documents to DUO.
  3. DUO decides whether you are granted an exemption, and what kind of exemption.