Exams and diplomas

Questions about exams, diplomas and corona (COVID-19).

Integration exams

Update: 8 October 2020

No evening exams Rotterdam until 15 October

There are no more evening exams in Rotterdam until October 15, 2020. If you were to take an exam in the evening, DUO will reschedule you. You will receive a letter about this. Please do not register again for the cancelled exam.

When can I take integration exams again?

You can take exams again from Monday 15 June. The DUO exam locations are reopened. You need to comply with some extra exam rules. After the exam, you need to go straight home.

Not everybody can take the exam right away

Due to the corona measures, fewer people can take an exam at the same time. It may take longer than usual until you can take the exam. You may have to wait for more than 6 weeks.

Do I need to wear a face mask during the exam?

Yes, we strongly advise you to wear a face mask at the exam location. Before and after the exam, but also during the exam. Only take off your face mask during the Speaking exam.

What rules do I need to comply with during the exam?

DUO wants to offer everybody a safe exam. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), there are some extra rules:

  • If you are ill or have a cold, you cannot take the exam. Cancel your exam before it starts.
  • Wear a face mask at the exam location. Only take off your face mask during the Speaking exam.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Make sure you are present 30 minutes before the exam.
  • Come to the exam alone. Other people need to wait outside the building.
  • Wash your hands before and after the exam.
  • Keep 1.5 metres distance from other people. DUO will provide spacious exam places.
  • Go straight outside after the exam.
  • Follow directions of the DUO staff.
  • Your exam spot will be cleaned before and after your exam.

You can read the extra rules in the flyer (58Kb, pdf) (Dutch only). Of course, you also need to comply with the regular exam rules.

I already registered for an exam, but it was cancelled. What should I do?

Did you register for an exam, but were you unable to take it because of the coronavirus (COVID-19)? DUO will send you a letter shortly. You don’t need to pay for the new exam.

When can I register for an exam?

From 2 June you can register for exams again in Mijn Inburgering. Can’t log in to Mijn Inburgering? Then you can register using the form Aanmelding Inburgeringsexamen.

NT2 state exam

Can I register for NT2 state examinations again?

The NT2 state examinations have started again. Find out which exams you can take and when to register below.

Registration for Programme I

The registration dates for Programme I will be published at the beginning of July, so keep an eye on staatsexamensnt2.nl Link opent externe pagina. It will not be possible to register for Programme I until these dates have been published.

Registration for Programme II

There are still some spots open for Programme II in August. On Monday 22 June , you can register for the following exams:
  • Speaking II, Thursday 6 August
  • Speaking II, Thursday 13 August

Due to the coronavirus measures, there are a limited number of exam spots available. This means that exam dates can fill up quickly.

Examination schedule 2020

See www.staatsexamensnt2.nl for the complete NT2 state examinations schedule for 2020, as well as the registration dates. If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact DUO’s NT2 department at nt2@duo.nl or on +31 50 599 89 33 (choose option 1).

Extra evening exam slots

Starting July, exams will also be held in the evening. Unfortunately, it is not possible to indicate a preference for a specific exam time when registering. The evening exams will start at 17.30. Please arrive 30 minutes before the start of your exam.

When will the NT2 state exams take place again?

From 15 June 2020 the NT2 state exams are resumed. Candidates who registered for an exam in March, April, or May were given priority when allocating exam places. At the exam locations, guidelines from the RIVM (the national institute for public health and environment) will be followed, so the exams can take place safely. This also means that fewer candidates can take part per sitting, due to social distancing rules.

Changes to exam schedule

The schedule for the NT2 state exams has been changed. The new schedule is available at staatsexamensnt2.nl Link opent externe pagina. Candidates that have already registered, get to take their exams first. All mbo institutes (secondary vocational education), hbo institutes (higher vocational education) and universities have agreed that students will get until 1 January 2021 to obtain their NT2 state exam diploma.


If you have any questions about registering for an exam, please contact our NT2 department. You can reach us by email on nt2@duo.nl, or by phone on 050 599 89 33 (choose option 1).


I passed. Can I pick up my integration diploma?

No, you can’t pick up your diploma yet. DUO will temporarily mail your diploma via registered post.

Do you need to proof you have an integration diploma? You can download an extract from the diploma register. The extract is free.