Already living and working in the Netherlands for a long time


Have you already been living in the Netherlands for a long time? And have you worked here? Then maybe you don’t need to integrate. This is called a dispensation. There are 3 conditions for a dispensation:

  • You have been living in the Netherlands for 10 years or longer.
  • You have worked in the Netherlands for 5 years or longer. Voluntary work also counts.
  • You speak good Dutch.

Applying for a dispensation

  1. Complete the form ‘Aanvraag ontheffing inburgeringsplicht’.
  2. Ask your employer to complete the ‘werkgeversverklaring’ (employer’s statement).
  3. Send the form and the statement to DUO.
  4. DUO will invite you for an interview. This interview costs €90.
  5. After the interview, DUO decides whether you will be granted a dispensation.

Not enough for naturalisation

Are you not obliged to integrate? And do you want to apply for a Dutch passport? If so, you can't use this form. Check the page on naturalisation to learn what to do.