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From 1 april: 3 exam attempts for dispensation

Does the 2013 civic integration act (‘Wet inburgering 2013’) apply to you? And did you take many exams? If so, you can sometimes apply for dispensation. This dispensation is called ‘Aantoonbaar Geleverde Inspanningen’ (AGI). If you get dispensation, you do not need to do any more exams. The conditions for this dispensation change from 1 April 2023.

New conditions

DUO checks which exams you have not passed. Before, you had to take these exams 4 times. This will be changed to 3 times. The new rules apply from 1 April.

There are more conditions. These do not change. All conditions are listed on the page Took enough lessons and exams.

Cancelling 4th exam

Did you already register for the 4th exam? You can cancel the exam and get a refund.

For more information, contact DUO.