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Information about the new civil integration law

The Dutch authorities are working on a new civil integration law.

Participating as soon as possible

Under the new law, the municipality (town or city) will help people who need to integrate. People who integrate will still need to:

  • learn Dutch
  • learn about Dutch society
  • learn about working in the Netherlands.

The aim of the new law is for new immigrants to participate in Dutch society as soon as possible. And for newcomers to find work as soon as possible.

Higher level and more customisation

For some people, the required language level will go up from A2 to B1. This means that they will learn even better Dutch. People who need to integrate, will follow an educational trajectory suited to their possibilities.

When will the new law take effect?

The new law has not yet been passed by Dutch parliament: the Tweede Kamer and Eerste Kamer. The law is meant to take effect on 1 January 2021. The new rules will apply to newcomers who become obliged to integrate after 1 January 2021.

No more information

At the moment, DUO does not have any more information than what is in this notice. Even if you call us, we can tell you nothing more. As soon as more information is available, you’ll read about it on this site.