Not satisfied

DUO tries its best to help you. Did DUO do something wrong? Are you not satisfied? Do you have a complaint? Please tell us, so we can do something about it.


Do you think DUO did not treat you properly? If so, you can file a complaint. Please print the form below and send it to DUO.

Klachtenformulier (opent in nieuw venster) (69Kb, pdf)


Did DUO make a wrong decision? If so, you can send a letter and explain why the decision is wrong. This letter is called an objection. But first call DUO. Maybe we can help you and you don’t have to send a letter. The telephone number is 050 599 96 00. You can call us on Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.

Do you still want to send DUO an objection? The address is:

Integration Service Center
Post box 764
9700 AT Groningen

DUO is late

DUO has to answer your request within 8 weeks. DUO has to answer your objection letter within 6 weeks. If DUO needs more time, you will get a letter.

Is DUO late? Then DUO has to pay you money. This is called a penalty. If you think DUO has to pay you a penalty, send the form below. Please write "penalty" on the envelope.

Aanvraagformulier dwangsom bij niet tijdig beslissen (opent in nieuw venster) (35Kb, pdf)