Passed Nt2 state exam

Did you pass 1 or more Nt2 (Dutch as a 2nd language) state exams? Then you can apply for an exemption for the subjects you already passed. This means you do not have to take these exams again as part of the integration exam.

My integration period started before 1 January 2015

Were you already required to integrate before 1 January 2015? And do you have an Nt2 diploma? Then you may not have to take any integration exams. Apply for an exemption.


  1. Complete the form ‘Aanvraag vrijstelling’ (Application for exemption).
  2. The form states the conditions, and which documents you need to send with it. Send the form and the required documents to DUO.
  3. DUO decides if you get an exemption. We will let you know within 8 weeks.