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About this website


DUO has information about you. For instance your name and address. This information is called personal data. We use these data to do our work.

We treat your personal data confidentially. We never give information about you to anyone else without a good reason. We only do this if you agree to it, or if the law says we must do this.

More about privacy (in Dutch only)

Mijn Inburgering

Are you logging in to Mijn Inburgering for the first time? Then you’ll see a screen with a list of conditions. These are the rules for use of Mijn Inburgering.

What do you think about the site?

This website has been produced by DUO. We check to make sure the information is correct. But have you read something that isn’t correct? Or you don’t understand how the website works? Or do you have an idea to improve the website? Please tell us.


DUO wants everyone to be able to use the website. Also people with a handicap, like visually impaired people.

Web archive

Do you want to know what this site looked like before? Go to the web archive. Click on the date you want to see.