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You will have noticed that we sometimes mention your partner. Who are we referring to?


Are you married? Then your husband or wife is your partner.

Living together

Not married, but living at the same address? Someone you live with is considered your partner in the following situations:

  • You have registered your civil partnership with the municipality.
  • You have signed a domestic partnership agreement with a civil-law notary.
  • You have a child together.
  • You have bought a house together.
  • You are each other’s pension partners.
  • You are partners for the tax authorities.

Renting a room

Is a minor child of either one of you living at your address? Then you are also seen as partners. The only situation in which you will not be considered partners is if you rent a room from the other person. Or if you each rent a room. A rental contract will be required in this case.

Living with your parent or child

Are you living with one of your parents? Or with an adult son or daughter? Your parent or child only counts as your partner if you comply with both of the following conditions:

  • On 1 January you were both 27 years or older.
  • 1 of the situations under ‘Living together’ applies to you.

No longer at the same address

Do you no longer live at the same address? If you are getting divorced, you will no longer be partners. If your partner is living in a nursing home, you will still be considered partners.