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Letter of objection

Letter of objection

Have you received a letter with a decision by DUO? And do you not agree with this decision? Then you can send a letter in which you explain why the decision is wrong. This is called a letter of objection.

Writing a letter of objection

  1. First call DUO on the telephone. Maybe we can help you right away, and then you don’t need to send a letter. The telephone number is 050 599 96 00.
  2. Do you still want to send a letter of objection? Write the letter and sign it.
  3. Do you have any documents which show that the decision is wrong? Then send these together with the letter of objection.
  4. Write 'Bezwaarschrift' on both the letter and the envelope.
  5. Send the letter of objection to:

    Integration Service Centre
    PO Box 764
    9700 AT Groningen