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DUO aims to offer good digital accessibility. And DUO has already made plenty of progress in this area, but there is certainly still room for improvement. We plan to meet all requirements by September 2020 at the latest.

What is digital accessibility?

In the Netherlands we want public facilities to be accessible to all citizens. This is because every person has the right to participate in society just like everyone else. That’s why buildings must be accessible to someone with a wheelchair, and why the Netherlands is working hard to improve the accessibility of public transport for people with a disability.

This is no different when it comes to digital facilities, too. In our society we can hardly do without the Internet and computers nowadays. And many people don’t want to do without these facilities, either. That’s why digital accessibility is important, and what’s more is mandatory for government and semi-public organizations. If websites are well-designed they can be used by everyone, including visitors with a disability. And this means that truly everyone can get involved.


Measures have been defined which will bring the public section of the website into line with requirements within one year. The secure section (Mijn Inburgering) will meet these criteria by September 2020 at the latest.

Status II. The channel has been fully evaluated but does not yet meet the criteria.

How is DUO improving digital accessibility?

In early 2018 DUO started work on making all digital channels accessible:

  • Knowledge. All staff who are involved in the development of software are being trained about how they should apply the guidelines for digital accessibility. Our staff make sure that their accessibility knowledge is up to date and they apply this knowledge where necessary.
  • Design. We apply accessibility ‘by design’. From the word go, accessibility forms part of all steps of the design, construction and editorial process for our website.
  • Research. In July/August 2018 we asked the Accessibility Foundation to carry out a baseline assessment on several of our digital channels. We are now creating lasting solutions for the identified sticking points.
  • Procurement. When we purchase software, we require this to be accessible in line with the European standard EN 301549.

PDF files

Through Mijn Inburgering, people who are integrating can arrange many things online such as viewing personal data and registering for an exam. Mijn Inburgering will meet the criteria by September 2020 at the latest.

In addition to Mijn Inburgering we also offer a number of forms in PDF format. These forms are not accessible. If making an application or a change is also possible through Mijn DUO then this accessibility is not necessary, either. We will only be making those forms accessible if there is no alternative available through Mijn Inburgering. This process will be completed by September 2020 at the latest.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about the accessibility of inburgeren.nl or are you having problems with the accessibility of the website? Then send an e-mail to toegankelijkheid@duo.nl.

Website inburgeren.nl

The inburgeren.nl website comprises a public section and a secure section (Mijn Inburgering) which you need to log in to with DigiD.

inburgeren.nl (public)

In 2018 DUO renewed the inburgeren.nl website. This section now meets almost all the accessibility criteria. In the course of 2018/2019 this section will be rendered fully accessible.

Mijn Inburgering (secure)

Improvements with regard to accessibility have also been made to this section. Mijn Inburgering will offer full digital accessibility by September 2020 at the latest.